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Integrative Wellness Progams

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee Reader, an Integrative Health Coach, Certified Master Nutrition Therapist, and Yoga Instructor. I provide a myriad of wellness program offerings to guide individuals and groups towards well-being and vitality.

Customized wellness programs are tailored to your needs and may integrate nutrition, yoga, or health coaching services.

Employee Wellness

My goal is to facilitate individuals and groups in their own self-discovery, self-awareness, decision-making, and perception of change in terms of transformation.


A variety of nutrition services are available including individual nutrition sessions, educational workshops, weight loss programs, food sensitivity tests, supplements, and lab work.


Yoga classes, workshops, and retreats are all-levels and tailored for your individual or group’s needs. Connecting the body, breath, and mind enhances well-being and vitality. 

Integrative Wellness Progams

Customized wellness programs are the edge that your team needs to become stronger and happier in the workplace and community.

Imagine the possibilities of bringing health and wellness to your team. Everyone can benefit from improved well-being. Your employees and team can develop healthy behavior, reduce the risk of disease, and improve the quality of their work.

There is a strong advantage of having an Integrative Health Coach, Master Nutrition Therapist, and Yoga Instructor working with your group. Each individual can receive professional guidance and support to enhance their motivation and accountability.

Team building sessions allow your group to build relationships with each other and encourages a healthy environment for positive changes to occur.

Let’s connect to discuss the perfect fit for your initiative.

Services are available remotely, in Greenville, South Carolina, and the Carolina Mountains.

Custom quotes are available based on your requirements. Options for weekly, monthly, or quarterly outreach.

e-Learning or Onsite Workshops

The perfect solution for busy companies and teams.

Choose from in-person offerings, a webinar series, podcast, Lunch and Learns, newsletters, blog posts, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, guided meditations, and more! The sky is the limit and you can mix-and-match offerings. 

Includes tailored materials, step-by-step support, guidance, and educational takeaway resources.  

Wellness Program

Allow me to establish, manage, and sustain your wellness program for you. You can count on me to incorporate professional education and creativity to craft engaging high-quality health content specifically for your company.

Online or in-person classes, workshops, and educational resources are crafted for your needs. Option to add on biometric screenings, nutrition services, lab work, supplements, health coaching, yoga classes, guided meditation, mindful moment practices, and more! 

Wellness Retreat

Take your team to the next level of well-being with a customized Wellness Retreat. 

How does yoga, meditation, deep breathing, health coaching, healthy eating, and relaxation in a beautiful setting sound for your group to bond? 

Wellness Retreats are offered in South Carolina and North Carolina and are created for your group’s needs. You choose the location or we can discuss a variety of options together. 

Wellness Workshops

Yoga and meditation can be integrated into any workshop.
Additionally, you can request a specific workshop based on your group’s needs. 


Stress Management and Self-Care
Identify common stressors and learn how the body reacts in a stressful situation.

Living With Presence
Experience meditation techniques to wash away patterns, discover obstacles and learn solutions, and flow with yoga for mindfulness. 

Movement Workshop
This workshop will focus on transitions to a healthier active lifestyle.

Pain Management
Learn how diet and lifestyle can affect your symptoms and work towards calming down inflammatory mechanisms so that you can feel your best.

Healthy Eating Habits
This is a well-rounded discussion with topics ranging from appropriate portion sizes, what constitutes a balanced meal, times of days to eat, and nutrition for any lifestyle.

Prepare Healthy Foods
Get out of your kitchen rut and learn a variety of techniques on how to prepare various fruits, vegetables, and protein sources. *Optional food preparation demonstration

Grocery Shop Like a Pro
Learn how to identify ingredients in your food, read a food label, determine better options, and develop habits that will benefit your body and mind.

Breaking The Sugar Habit
Discover how much sugar you are consuming, the kinds of sugar, and what an “added sugar” is. We will discuss alternative healthy sweet snacks and tips to break the sugar habit.

Connect with me to discuss your goals.

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