30-Day Natural
Weight Loss Course

An online, step-by-step program that integrates nutrition and lifestyle guidance, professional education, and self-care strategies to help you lose weight naturally.

Learn How to Master Your Metabolism

All the tools you need to achieve sustainable and natural weight loss while creating healthy habits.


Step-by-step education with daily transformational action steps


4-weeks of menu plans, recipes, and shopping lists


Exclusive content including 30 daily lessons, 6 downloadable PDFs, 4 educational videos, 4 all-levels virtual yoga classes, 1 guided meditation

Experience Natural Weight Loss 

Have you tried a myriad of weight loss plans and none of them have worked? Are you sick and tired of feeling frustrated with the numbers on the scale? Have you been wondering how to lose weight naturally? One major thing that many weight loss programs fail to address is that we all have unique biochemistry. That’s right, what works for one person may not work for you.

It’s overwhelming to not know which direction to turn for guidance with weight loss these days. With this in mind, I’ve created the professional 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Course that addresses all components of your metabolism and how to master it. 

You are in the right place if you:

  • Are searching for answers as to why you are not losing weight
  • Have tried multiple options, and nothing is working for you
  • Want to learn new things about health and nutrition
  • Are ready to make positive health changes
Natural Weight Loss Course

Professional Nutrition Education, Step-by-Step Support, and Guidance

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee Reader. As a Master Nutrition Therapist and Weight Loss Specialist, I’ve guided thousands of individuals to lose weight naturally and sustainably. I created the 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Course based on my experience from my past ten years as a Nutritionist and condensed it down into just 30-days. I’d love to invite you to enroll in the course!

Throughout the weight loss course, I share my professional expertise and key resources so that you can achieve natural weight loss and Vitality! 

Lose weight naturally and sustainably while learning the how’s and why’s with The 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Course. Special Introductory Offer – Only $99

Learn How to Master Your Metabolism

Your metabolism converts food into fuel and regulates how efficiently you burn that fuel. There’s so much more to your metabolism than just the calories you burn. What works for one person may not work for you. We are all exposed to different things, and our body processes things differently.

If one little thing is off in your system, it can throw your entire metabolism off. There are underlying factors that need addressed to ensure that your metabolism is functioning at its peak. 

During the Natural Weight Loss Course, I train you in deepening your knowledge about YOUR unique metabolism.

Your Metabolism Is Your Own Unique Blend Of Your:

  • Dietary habits
  • Environment
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep quality
  • Stress levels
  • Genetics
  • Adrenal glands
  • Blood sugar
  • Liver 
  • Thyroid
  • GI tract

In just 30-days you will receive the tools you need to:

  • Jumpstart your weight loss

  • Create a healthy lifestyle
  • Enhance your energy 

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Optimize digestion
  • Reduce stress

Become self-empowered to make healthy decisions in your diet and lifestyle.

The 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Course is a nutrition and lifestyle program that incorporates nutrition education, healthy eating, fitness, yoga, and self-care strategies. You’ll learn how to create healthy habits while igniting your metabolism. This proven program works because it outlines the key guidelines to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight for life. 

Meals Plans, Quick Simple Recipes, Grab-and-Go Options

The 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Meal Plan is full of a wide-variety of nutrient-dense options to choose from. During the program you’ll eat throughout the day to support your blood sugar levels, increase energy, enhance mental clarity, and boost your metabolism

Find what suits your preferences and time capacity. Experience new flavors, recipes, and become consistent in healthy eating. After all, it’s about working smarter, not harder, right?

Mix-and-match options or follow the menu plan precisely. Following this plan should help to lose weight, decrease inflammation, and improve digestion.


  • 4 separate weekly menu plans
  • Grocery shopping lists and recipes
  • Menu planning templates and tools
  • Metabolic-boosting ideas
  • Grab-and-Go options
  • Simple recipes
Weight Loss Recipes

Choose From A Variety of Meditation And Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Relax your mind and reduce stress with a Guided Meditation. Choose from 4 All-Levels Virtual Yoga Classes to enhance your metabolism, improve flexibility, and tone your body.

Yoga Classes:

  • Strength and Weight Loss
  • Cleansing And Digestion
  • Positive Energy
  • Stress Relief

Client Testimonials

If anyone is looking for a life changing nutritional guidance and weight loss program I would highly recommend this program. I’m down 7 lbs in 3 weeks. It not only is changing my body but also my way of looking at food. Truly eye opening experience. I’ve done Weight watchers and lost weight but always stalled at a certain point. I got sick of counting everything I ate. Now I don’t have to. I’m so grateful that I took the chance on this. – Jessica O

I lost 5lbs in the first week. I am able to talk to Jessica about anything and no matter what type of question I have about my diet, body or digestive system. Somehow, she always has an answer or helpful tip for me. She is approachable and clearly follows her own system. You know it when you’ve lived it and this woman has got the chops. Thanks so much Jess! Here’s to 50 more pounds! – Jennifer S.

I’m actually doing very well in my meal planning, your awareness and ability to tailor a good plan with my specific likes and tendencies and makes so much sense. It makes so much easier to take the gentle turn from “maladaptive eating” to “adaptive, healthy eating.” – Pam H.

First of all, the guidance you have given has been spot on! This was not a “diet” that I learned, it was a different way to look at what I eat, and a lifestyle change. I’ve looked back at what I used to eat, and how terribly horrible processed food is for you. I am amazed at how differently I view food! I like what I’m eating! Skeptics are out there, I used to be one. I would challenge anyone to commit to trying this out. If a person really wanted to make the change, then they would see results and feel them as well. I did and I am thankful for the education! – Gary F.

You’ve inspired me to take full control of my health. I still eat that way by the way and listen to my body when it doesn’t like something. – Jovi V.

We did it! Cholesterol is too low!  I got a nice email from the doc stating to stop the pills ASAP, which as you know was my goal. These results are measurable, and a direct result of following your advice, and they were quick too. – Mary W.

Research shows it takes 21 days to change a habit. Learn how to create healthier habits while you lose weight naturally.

Are you ready? Let’s Vitalize Your Body!

30-Day Natural Weight Loss Course

Special Introductory Offer – $99


  • A professional, easy-to-use online learning platform that works on all devices 
  • Step-by-step education with daily transformational action steps
  • 4-weeks of clean eating, metabolic-boosting menu plans 
  • Grocery shopping lists and healthy recipes
  • Blank menu planning templates
  • Food and observations journal
  • 4 yoga classes
  • 1 Meditation class
  • 4 Educational videos
  • 6 Downloadable PDFs
  • 30 Daily Lessons

Begin at your convenience and receive 24/7 lifetime access to learn on your own time.
Click the button below to purchase the course and start losing weight naturally!

Frequently asked questions

I have tried EVERYTHING! How is your program different?

Great question! The 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Course assists you in deepening your knowledge of your biochemistry, lifestyle, goals, and challenges. I provide guidance to ensure your weight loss success through step-by-step support, education, and motivation.

This proven program works because it incorporates the foundation of healthy living, healthy eating, physical fitness, and stress management. During this program, you will create healthier eating and lifestyle habits, which everyone can benefit from. You’ll love this course because it encompasses all the tools you need to achieve sustainable and natural weight loss. In just 30-days you’ll start losing weight naturally while you enhance your vitality.

The habits you create throughout this course will set the tone for you to enhance your overall health and well-being.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Drastic weight loss usually leads to drastic weight gain. Throughout the 30-days you’ll create healthy habits so you reach your ideal weight in a sustainably. Sustainable healthy weight loss is anywhere between 1-3 pounds per week, depending on the individual.

What is the meal plan?

The meal plan is a nutrient-rich, well-rounded diet. You’ll eat throughout the day to support your metabolism, energy, mental clarity, and mood. There are plenty of plant-based options available, and you can include animal protein if desired.

You’ll receive 4-weekly menu plans, recipes, grocery shopping lists, and resources. You can mix and match ideas, follow the menu plans, choose grab-and-go options, or prepare simple recipes. With the variety of options, you will find what suits your preferences and time capacity.

Does your program require supplements?

The 30-Day Natural Weight Loss Course incorporates whole foods and lifestyle habits to support your health and promote natural weight loss. Occasionally, I may explain that there are specific nutrients or supplements that you can take to enhance your well-being and weight loss experience. These are discussed primarily for educational purposes and optional for you to take them. This is a Pressure-Free Zone.

If you choose to take supplements you can visit Vitalized Body’s Online Supplement Store. It is open to the public, free to sign up, easy to use, and safe. Receive 15% off all orders and gain access to thousands of high-quality supplements and products.

Is fitness or yoga mandatory?

For best results, I recommend that you are active at least 30-minutes every day while you are on the program. If you are not active, then you can try gentle walking, stretching, swimming, or gentle yoga. There are 4 all-levels yoga classes that you can integrate in if you’d like. 

Are you required to practice yoga or exercise daily? The answer is no. However, I would love if you tried to and do what you can. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

Is the program refundable?

Once you purchase the program, you’ll have immediate access to download the materials and it is non-refundable. This keeps you accountable and motivated. You can take the course at your own pace 24/7 on all devices. 

Can I use my HSA?

Please note payment options are set up via Paypal with the option to use most major credit cards. Immediately upon payment you’ll receive an invoice for your records. 

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