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Online Wellness Retreat

Free Online Wellness Retreat

Receive a clean eating menu plan, recipes, an interactive eBook, educational videos, a yoga and meditation class, and resources.

Natural Weight Loss Course

30-Day Natural Weight Loss Course

Nutrition education, healthy eating, fitness, yoga, and self-care strategies to cultivate healthy habits while igniting your metabolism.

Seasonal Cleanses

Seasonal Cleanses

This program focuses on using seasonal foods, healing teas, and spices. Receive a menu plan, educational eBook, yoga class, and more!

Wellness Retreat

  • Menu Plan
  • Weight Loss eBook
  • Yoga Class
  • Guided Meditation
  • Educational Resources
  • Wellness Videos

Weight Loss Course

  • Interactive eBook
  • 4 menu plans
  • Educational videos
  • Educational resources
  • Yoga classes

Series Of
Seasonal Cleanses

  • Menu plan
  • eBook
  • Educational resources
  • Yoga class
  • Meditation class

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Online Wellness Retreat


 The FREE 5-Day Online Wellness Retreat encompasses healthy eating, natural weight loss, and stress relief.

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