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FREE Health Coaching Sessions

FREE Health Coaching Sessions

FREE Health Coaching Sessions and Updates from Jessica   It's been a while since I've published a blog! I hope you are enjoying the Summer and feeling Vitalized! Many things have changed since my last blog and I want to give you a quick update. Actually, come to...

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The Recipe For Vitality

The Recipe For Vitality

Mix All Ingredients Together For Vitality.   Learn My Favorite Keys To Vitality Throughout my life and professional career as a Nutritionist and Yoga Guide I've embedded these habits into my own and my clients daily routine. To maintain optimal health is the...

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The 4 Major Dietary Fats

The 4 Major Dietary Fats

Learn How Dietary Fats Can Support Your BodyLet's clear up some confusion around dietary fats.Some studies say to limit your fat, while others encourage you to increase your fat. In my nutrition practice, fat ratios depend on individual needs. Certain individuals may...

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