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Jessica Lee Reader


Unleash Your Vitality

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee Reader, a Master Nutrition Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Health Educator. I’m honored that you’re here and am devoted to your health and vitality.

If you feel like your health is off track, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find a myriad of nutrition, weight loss, yoga, self-care, and wellness resources.

Vitalize Your Body

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Vitalized Body Natural Weight Loss Program

30-Day Natural Weight Loss Program

A step-by-step online nutrition and lifestyle program that incorporates nutrition education, healthy eating, meal plans, mindfulness, yoga, and self-care strategies.

Vitalized Body Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

Individual nutrition sessions are focused on your goals and challenges. Receive nutrition education, guidance, recipes, and resources via phone or video.

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Vitality Resources

Free Wellness Retreat

The 5-Day Online Wellness Retreat is designed to support healthy eating, natural weight loss, stress relief, and vitality. Includes education, a menu plan, recipes, yoga class, meditation, and more. Start at your convenience.

Vitality Blog

The Vitality Blog is filled with education, inspiration, healthy recipes, and resources. Discover how to lose weight naturally, eat healthier, reduce stress, improve sleep, and feel Vitalized. Prepare for Vitality!

Free Weight Loss eBook

The “5 Steps to Natural Weight Loss” eBook has the nutrition and healthy living resources that you need to support your weight loss journey. Discover simple steps to take to reach your ideal weight naturally. 

Natural Weight Loss eBook

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